Our Mission

To provide high quality professional services to our patients through comprehensive treatment plans, patient education and the collaboration between our healthcare practitioners.

AMITY [am-i-tee] : friendly relations; a good relationship

The team at Amity Health works closely together to build on a trusting doctor-patient relationship. Our goal is to not just treat your pain, but to help our patients achieve their optimal health.

With a thorough assessment, our tailored and customized treatment plans will help address the root cause of your problem and help you return to the quality of life at home and at work.

Modern + Professional Facilities

Why Choose Amity Health Amity Health

Our facilities are modem and well-equipped with private treatment rooms and a rehabilitation room. We offer evening and weekend appointments, direct billing available (which may vary between insurance companies), online booking and free parking.

Direct Billing Insurance

*Please bring your insurance care + another form of payment (eligibility to direct bill may vary between insurance providers)